About us

My name is Micheal Armstrong and I’m the owner of Port Angeles Hotel Motel. Name of the website is strange and I chose it because I noticed that there isn’t really all that many websites dedicated to finding and promoting good hotels, motels and other tourist attractions in the town that I live in.

I’m a licensed tour guide for the Port Angeles county, and I’m working on getting my state wide license so that I can officially guide tours for the entire state of Washington. I’m actually originally from a small town next to Port Angeles, Forks city. My job and also my other passion which is photography brought me to Port Angeles where I’ve lived for the past 4 years. I finished high school in Forks city, and I did 2 semesters at Washington State before dropping out. I plan on going back there to finish my degree some day.

Photography is what I hope to be doing in the future. I love my job as a tour guide, but I find photography more challenging and rewarding, hence the switch. Besides, being a tour guide and a photographer aren’t mutually exclusive. I can still do both, and in fact it’s a win-win, since being a tour guide means I know all the good places to take photos. I hope you find something useful on my website here. See ya around.