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Port Angeles Hotel Motel is a tourist web portal dedicated to travelers who are interested in making the most out of their visit to the great state of Washington. My name is Micheal and I’m a photographer from the nearby Forks city. As of a few years back I’m a full time resident of Port Angeles. Currently I work as an independent tourist guide, but I’m planning on making photography my full time gig. With this website I hope to combine my two passions, tourism and photography and try to use them to promote this great city, which I love beyond words. Over the years I’ve saved up for a DSLR camera, a camera drone and my plan is to make photos and videos of all the best tourist attractions in Port Angeles so that visitors know what to visit when coming to Washington.

Washington state isn’t necessarily the first choice for people when picking locations for their next vacation, and we here at Port Angeles plan on changing that. Coming to a small town and a tight-knit community such as ours here at Port Angeles does have its advantages. For starters we don’t have huge crowds of people on every step that you make. Other more popular tourist hot spots are riddled with people, and this will significantly impact how much you enjoy spending your time there. Hopefully the drone photography and aerial shots that I plan on posting here shortly will help you change your mind and you’ll choose Port Angeles as your next tourist destination.

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Places to visit in Washington – Marymere Falls

Picking and choosing places for us to recommend to people that decided to come and visit our little corner of the Universe isn’t easy. State of Washington has many sights and locations that you have to visit, but we realize that not everyone can afford to wander around and visit …

Hotels, motels, business retreats, spas, we’ve got ’em all

List doesn’t stop there. We also have pristine nature sights, national parks, recreation areas, ocean tours, wineries & cellars, historical & heritage sights, and lots of other activities that will help make your visit to Port Angeles a memorable one. I’m a huge nature buff, so I specialized in tours of natural parks and other nature sights and historical locations throughout the state of Washington and Port Angeles in particular. Soon I plan on posting some footage I made using my long range video drone of the Olympic National Park. It’s shots like these that I hope will help change peoples minds, and get them to come and visit our little town.

Business will love to hear that there are number of lodges for events, board meetings and business retreats. We get lots of companies from the Silicon Valley who come and visit our pristine nature in an effort to build team spirit and to allow employees to let loose a little. Available activities include hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, something a bit more sophisticated like wine tastings, you name it. All in all, it doesn’t matter if you are an individual, a couple, a team, there’s something for everyone here at Port Angeles. Plus we can help you organize custom events, according to your wishes.

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Top 10 places to visit in Port Angeles


Olympic National Park

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, the park spans almost 1 million acres and consists of 4 basic regions. Olympic was designated a national park in 1938 by Franklin Roosevelt. UNESCO made the park a World Heritage Site in 1981. There are to many sights to count in the park, so you’re going to have visit it yourself to see it all.


Black Ball Ferry Line

If you find yourself in Port Angeles know that Canada is just a short boat ride away. MV Coho is the name of the ferry that rides on the historic Black Ball Line, which is in operation since 1959. Entire trip lasts about 90 minutes, between Port Angeles and Victoria, British Columbia. Customs processing is very fast. You’ll be in Canada before you know it.


Whale watching rides

A couple of companies in and around Port Angeles offer organized whale watching boat rides, chiefe among them being the Port Angeles Whale Watch Company. They are professionals, highly recommended by everyone I know. On my last trip they managed to find a great spot and we saw a bunch of killer whales who were teaching their young how to hunt.


Visit wineries and wine cellars

Port Angeles and the greater county area around it has to many wineries and wine cellars for me to count. Dozens of venues offer wine tastings and vineyard tours, perfect for couple on a romantic retreat or business people looking to add a bit of fun to their trips. Consult with the Washington State Wine commission for a list of upcoming events.


Hiking and camping tours

Hiking and camping is a great way how to get familiar with the natural beauty that Port Angeles has to offer. Again there are a couple of businesses in the local area that organizes hiking and camping tours. Two most famous ones being Olympic Hiking Co. and Experience Olympic Tours. Get in touch with them if you want to setup a tour for your group.


Outdoor enthusiast activities

If hiking and camping is a bit bland and boring for you, don’t worry, we have plenty of activities even for outdoor enthusiasts. For example, there are two teams in Port Angeles that offer kayaking and canoeing tours of the rivers and even the Strait of Juan De Fuca. All the gear can be rented on site, you just have to show up. What better way to see the sights and also get some wicked exercise in the process.


Historical & hertiage sights

A friend of mine is a tour guide for underground heritage sights and he would be livid if I didn’t mention that you can also enjoy finding out about the history of Port Angeles if you want to. His company conducts tours of underground heritage sights. However there are many other tour guides that offer tours of historical sights as well. We’ll talk more about them in a future post, so stay tuned.

Olympic Conifer-Lily-Anemone-Elk

Wildlife tours in Port Angeles

Port Angeles is rich with wildlife, which is no wonder considering the sheer size of just one of the nearby national parks, the aforementioned Olympic National Park. Fauna found there is very diverse. So diverse that it made the park a World Heritage Site back in 1981. Next to Olympic, there are many other nature reserves with lots of different wildlife, like Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and more.


Fishing trips and tours

Fishing trips nd tours are a great way to kill time and we locals know all the best places to look for fish. Waters West is another company run by a close friend of mine who specializes in fishing charters and tours. They also rent fishing gear, if you didn’t bring your own. Just look up Water West Co. and you’re going to be all set for a fun fishing trip with the pros who will show you all the good spots.


Everything else

Even though we aren’t really that known for crazy night life, we do have restaurants and bars that are worth checking out. Also if you are interested in relaxing,t here are spas and wellness centers that you can visit. What else is there, oh yes, we have museums, festivals, concerts, various cultural events, all of which we’re going to cover in detail here on the website so stay tuned if you want to keep up to date on everything.

The Best Experience Ever


Check out this short video of a ride through Port Angeles, going westbound on highway 101. This will give you some sense of how it is living here. We’re a relatively small town, but we are big in spirit. Soon I’ll release a similar video of Port Angeles, but from air, once have my gear all setup.

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Let me just say thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you found something interesting here. I tried to be helpful and will try to keep being helpful in the future. If you want to help me out, or get in touch with me, visit the contact me page. Take care till next time.

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